What are the loudest concerts you have ever seen?

Whose concerts are the loudest?  This is a quick list of the loudest I have witnessed as of yet. Some are more surprising that others. (Ugh, I can feel myself turning into Buzzfeed. Any more and Number 5 might actually shock me…) Comment below who holds that deafening record for you. SWANS (Concorde 2, Brighton, 02/06/14)... Continue Reading →


Fight the Fight!: Reflecting on Ape Fight (and their hilarious filth)

Facebook recently marked the eighth anniversary of my first visit to New York City, and I was instantly thrown back to one night in particular. On top of this, the frontmen of the night Ape Fight had just posted their first message in six years: “It’s been awhile. We are all still alive. We are all... Continue Reading →

The Guardian discussed unforgettable advert music. Something was missing: Mobil’s ’24 Toasters From Scunthorpe’

Yesterday, The Guardian posted a compilation of their music team’s advertisement earworms that the newspaper’s writers can never be forgotten, for better or for worse. I could not resist contributing an opinion of my own. Enter: ‘Twenty Four Toasters from Scunthorpe’. This was an extremely irritating advertisement for Mobil and their ‘premier card’. What really does not... Continue Reading →

Iceland 2017, Day 5 & 6: Escaping Reykjavik

Ugh… another grey and wet, wait… what? It’s sunny! Day 5 had absolutely gorgeous weather, and it couldn’t have been a better choice of day for the sky to be so blue. Shopping in a mundane commercial road doesn’t need sun, however preferable. Our plans for today needed it though, and we couldn’t have hoped... Continue Reading →

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