Solent Music decides to interview… me.

I haven’t been on Solent Music in a while. I should check it out. It’s a great site based around the music scene of Southampton. Now… if I just type in… Wait... I know him! He's me! Undergraduate music students in 2014 tracked me down a year after I graduated so that they could interview... Continue Reading →

Producing Solent SMILEcast 2013

Easily the most stressful project of my university degree was SMILEcast 2013, a daily podcast, proposed and produced by my self over the course of Solent SMILEfest 2013 (an annual music festival, stemming from Southampton Solent University, bringing together live music staged by students, workshops and conferences featuring guest industry experts. Having acquired college qualifications... Continue Reading →

Visiting Abbey Road Studios, 14th May 2012

This is not just me mucking around in a hall of mirrors. I am actually in the world’s most renowned recording studio. Every year, Southampton Solent University hold a song competition, and bands compete for an incredible recording session. On 14th May 2012 I was privileged enough to accompany the victorious act Flatland Wolf and spend... Continue Reading →

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