Stream of Consciousness

Here is the page where miscellaneous pondering goes, that didn’t belong in the slightly more formal setting of Under a flashier name than it probably deserves.

General Election 2017 Prediction – Conservatives Will Win, and the Seat Count Won’t Even Be Close (8th June 2017)

Eurovision 2017 – Who I Think Should Have Scored Better (13th May 2017)

Lemmings – A Quick Love Letter for my First Video Game (20th April 2017)

I’m a Man, and Sadly Can’t Dress Up as Spinelli From Recess. THAT WHOMPS! (17th April 2017)

The Beautiful Mother of All Drain Covers – Annoying my Cultural Studies lecturer. Again. (14th April 2017)

5 Life-Changing Albums (23rd March 2017)

“WHAT?!” – The most deafening concerts that I’ve witnessed (22nd March 2017)

“Camwhores” – Mysterious photographs from 2010. Of me. Why? (22nd March 2017)

Desert Island Discs: What Would Your Choices Be? (5th October 2016)


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