“The Evil Fairy” by Nick Pollard, aged 6.

This was the illustration for a little story written by a six-year-old me: “The Elves Adventure”. I rediscovered this today, twenty years on when clearing out the attic, and I couldn’t resist uploading it.

“Once upon a time there was an elf called Antony. He lived in a treehouse with red and white things all round the house. The elf was very tiny, and has a blue hat, a red suit and brown trousers. Now he went out one day and made some friends with some pixies and fairies. But one of them was a wicked fairy. Then she wished that Antony would die. When she got her weapon she shot it at Antony and missed him. The wicked fairy could not find another bullet so Antony lived happily ever after. THE END.”

“Why have you drawn a portrait of me?” – Katt, a friend who has an obsession with firearms, and whose hair is dyed blonde. The resemblance is uncanny. The fact that I never gave the fairy a name suggests that she is “Katt” from now on.

I assume that this was meant to be much longer and I had a better idea, but I ran out of time by the end of the lesson. Similarly, I wrote a story in an English lesson when I was 9 which my teacher loved as I creatively described how a spaceship steered by “General Kyle Zackelis” crash landed on an evil alien planet… but then I ran out of time and the humans defeated the aliens at war in the space of one sentence. In the same book as The Elves Adventure, is a very nonsensical story, that I can actually remember writing. I randomly threw in time travel for a couple of sentences. The reason I remember it is how I was baffled by the title of “Back to the Future”. Going to the future is going forwards! Still, I mentioned that the central character “wanted to go back to the future”, it makes absolutely no sense, and to make things even more ridiculous, time travel was well and truly irrelevant to the story.

More than anything though this is posted here to show off my drawing of the wicked fairy – complete with a gun, evil thought bubble and demonic grin. My writing has long since improved, but I admit that my drawing skills are no better.


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