What is Nickopolypse?

This blog is simply a designated inner sanctum to keep my stream of consciousness and personal posts away from the more professional portfolio, which can be found at http://www.npollard.com. Consider this a diary, rather than a body of work. Enjoy your stay.    

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My Masters Degree is Over: A relieved summary.

  (Originally posted at NPOLLARD.com in October 2015, this is a personal diary post that is getting moved over to the Nickopolypse page). It’s been quite some time since I have posted a show-off article about my exploits, but today marks such an important occasion that I can’t resist marking it. On 30th September 2015,... Continue Reading →

I suffer from severe epilepsy. The Gaia Pope tragedy has shown me how upsetting it is when the media and public ignore how life-threatening it is.

I first need to start this post with a short disclaimer, because I feel uncomfortable writing this post. It feels somewhat distasteful considering that the public only know very little about this story. It makes it also feels a bit selfish and exploitative by making a post about myself off the back of a tragic... Continue Reading →

An Audience with Cam Frost

Nick: I have noticed that your name is Nick Pollard. Why did you decide to have a stage name and why did you choose Cam Frost? Cam: I was only a college student at the time. I spent four years, 2006-2010 studying BTEC Music Technology and HND Music Performance at South Downs College in Portsmouth.... Continue Reading →

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