“Nice and Easy!”: Fleetwood Mac (Genting Arena, 7th June 2015)

As was the case when I saw Meat Loaf, this was a ‘last chance’ concert for a band who meant a lot in my childhood. This was another stupidly expensive concert that I felt would be the final opportunity that I would ever get to see Fleetwood Mac. My Mum came with me, and I’m... Continue Reading →


Iceland 2017, Day 5 & 6: Escaping Reykjavik

Ugh… another grey and wet, wait… what? It’s sunny! Day 5 had absolutely gorgeous weather, and it couldn’t have been a better choice of day for the sky to be so blue. Shopping in a mundane commercial road doesn’t need sun, however preferable. Our plans for today needed it though, and we couldn’t have hoped... Continue Reading →

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